IY1 – Kottonhalli Planning for Action@home

25th November 2013


From spending the past eight weeks in our village, Hodeyanapura, we have felt a warm welcome to Indian culture and lifestyle.  Having seen a completely different way of life, as a group, we feel enlightened to do more at home.

As we are very lucky to have been given this fantastic opportunity to learn what issues villagers really face, we would like to educated friends, family and our wider community at home.  My team and I have brilliant ideas to what we would like to bring back.  One of the members would like to write a new article informing people about the impact of the caste system, two other members are planning a presentation with video’s, pictures about their experience to present to 6th form students to help spread awareness about sustainable development and the ICS programme.  Other great ideas that we want to share through our action at home is how to build a ‘tippy tappy’ in primary schools and our experience of the position of women in the community.  Some of us plan to do this by holding cultural awareness raising nights with our friends and family where we will host an evening discussing our experiences and sharing some authentic south Indian food.  The last action at home project we will be doing is to look at farming in 2013 and consider the differences in farming methods between the UK and India, the differences in agricultural practices and the lifestyle of farmers.  We have already started the project by undertaking work experience with the local farmers in our village.  The next step is to contact a farmer in our local village in the UK and spend a day volunteering with them, then write an article comparing and contrasting our experiences to send off to the local newspaper of young farmers association.

We hope our experience in Hodeyanapura will inspire others to go for the challenge of volunteering abroad, help our local community at home and help people appreciate what the UK has to offer.  We have challenged ourselves which has had a positive impact by motivating us to become global active citizens.  We hope more people we will take up the challenge too!