IY9 Angatahalli – Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)

21st November 2013

IY9 1

Started life in the village with a lovely welcome from the villagers, which has continued including lots of chai, chicken and very spicy food. We’ve had a lot of very interesting team meetings, especially during completion of our PRA activities. The timeline was really good to find out the background of the village, in that it was started 500 years ago.

The Venn diagram brought a few tensions between villagers to light as they had to decide which institutions were more or less important and how good their relationships with the village were, but some representatives from those institutions weren’t happy with where the village wanted to put them on the diagram.  The social map was really good to see on the ground how the village is spread out, the children really enjoyed getting involved and it ended up in a mini version of celebrating Holi festival throwing the colours everywhere. We’ve completed a lot of household surveys in 3 villages: Angatahalli, Ramanahalli and Chenar Soghe - a total of 240! Huge thanks to Naveen and Thejas for translating, having a limited number of translators definitely made it more challenging.

We’ve played lots of cricket and volleyball, and learnt about Indian games such as Kabadi and Caram (a board game that’s similar to pool but using coins and flicking them into the holes with your finger). We had a sports day named ‘the Mob Olympics’ as Rob and Marcus planned it. We also completed a treasure hunt and an ‘English-Kannada’ walk with the kids and had a day of making English food to share with the village, it is fair to say they weren’t too impressed with pasta, but the chips went well! We celebrated the Desara festivals wearing traditional Indian dress and visiting way too many houses for sweets, food and lemon juice. We also completed litter picks in the school and around the village with the children and built a tippy tap for the children to wash their hands.

In our ‘time off’ we have walked up a hill to a temple, visited a nearby village Tatekary and the town Honsur for fruit and veg, went on a trek to the top of another big hill (the views from the top were amazing), survived a few thunderstorms, visited 2 Golden Temples, a tea plantation, a waterfall, the nearby lakes for relaxation and celebrated Team Leader Thejas’ birthday.

This is just the beginning though! Phase 2 brings with it lots more work, construction of toilets, planning of health camps and completing lots more secondary projects. We’re tired but still raring to go with Phase 2.

IY9 1

Personal Messages:

Amy: Hi everyone at home! Hope you are all enjoying the cold and rain, it is absolutely beautiful here and I’m having a great time. A decent cup of tea in the post would be top-notch, ta! Miss you all TONS xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Marcus: Hi Mum and all, hope everything is good at home keep sending me the Chelsea scores. I miss you all and will speak to you over the phone soon, Love you all P.S. I’m still the man xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hayley: Dear Granny, Mum and all you other awesome people, I miss you all millions. Enjoying India loads and time is flying, so will be home before you know. Lots and lots of love, Hayley xxxxxxxxxxx

Lucy: Hi to anyone that might be reading this. I am having the most fabulous time in India. I’m eating so much that I’ll probably be 10 stones heavier when I get home so be prepared! Hope everyone is okay!! Love and peace to you all xxxxx

Claire: To dad – India is beautiful! Look out for a postcard in the next few weeks! To mum – Can my first meal home be a burger, please? Hope you’re having a lovely time! To Laura – I wear shoes... most of the time. Tell your mum I’d love to bond over shopping and food. To Jess – thanks for the letter! The cyclone missed us but we had some intense weather because of it. Love and hugs to everyone! x

Kristina: Hello everyone at home, Hope everything is going okay and you’re not missing me too much ;) India isn’t as hard as you or I had imagined (yet!) It’s lovely and warm – just to make you jealous! Miss you lots but time is flying so see you soon, love you loads! xxxxxxxx