Jade from Sanutar says, “Fight the Familiar!!!”

11th June 2018

Together we moved into a beautiful village to go and live with strangers. Of course, this brought fear but without breaking my comfort zone how would I know that I would feel at home by my second day. I don’t have the familiarities of hot showers, sit down loos, my own room or access to whatever food I want, but who cares?! Who needs that when you’re too busy dancing to Nepalese house music in front of an entire community of smiling locals welcoming you to their home? Allowing myself to smash and sever my close sense of security has been absolutely and truly terrifying but at the same time- wonderful. There are still anxieties that we all face each day. But each day we have witnessed jaw-dropping greenery and we wake up to the view of the jungle. I have trekked alongside a winding stony river and my reward has been beauty for as far as the eye can reach- and beyond. This is what I have experienced through Raleigh in my first week alone. I will use this new outlook on life and my developing confidence to help my hosts, motivated more than ever before from their kindness, welcome and essential needs. Comfort Zones create a sense of safety, but also monotony. Breaking them allows you to be challenged, stunned, boosted and exposed. Here, life does not flash by but is lived. Days are not gone by and memories can be kept, not lost. I look forward to the next day and the challenges, sights and relationships it may bring despite my fears, meaning that they are already starting to fade.   Written by Jade Sanutar, November Charlie 8

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