JOA working with Raleigh Tanzania

20th July 2018


Our partnership with JOA goes beyond the traditional donor-agency relationship by enabling the people of Jersey to actively take part in the delivery of the projects. JOA has a long-standing programme of Community Work Projects. By being part of this Raleigh project, volunteers from Jersey will work with rural communities in Tanzania to support the construction of new water and sanitation facilities, and to improve children’s and communities’ practice of simple hygiene behaviours that can keep them safe from illness.

JOA firmly believes that: “It is our moral duty to care about other people and to help them help themselves.”

All members of the team represent JOA’s values which are very much in line with Raleigh’s own. Speaking to our Jersey team on the day they departed Morogoro for Katurukila, you could feel their positive energy and excitement about starting their work.

Before boarding the bus, they sang through the all-important 6 steps of handwashing together.


JOA team before boarding bus to Katurukila, after their preparatory training in Morogoro
JOA volunteers before travelling to Katurukila

JOA volunteers will work alongside project partners, including Kilombero District Council to contribute to the construction of new school sanitation blocks for the children and teachers of Katurukila Primary School. The infrastructure will include handwashing facilities and will be fully accessible for young people with disabilities. Girls will be provided with new private washrooms affording them privacy and dignity. Student and teacher blocks will be separate.



JOA volunteers Jonathan and Gavin delivering a SWASH lession to a class of children at Katurkila Primary School
JOA volunteers Jonathan and Gavin participating in a lesson at Katurukila Primary School

Encouraging the activities of the previously established SWASH club in Katurukila Primary School (consisting of both children and teachers) is another vital element of the volunteers’ work in the village. The aim is to empower the schoolchildren to develop and deliver campaigns to raise awareness of safe hygiene behaviours in their community and to help with the maintenance of the WASH facilities at the school.

Over the coming week, the JOA team will also hold meetings with key stakeholders in the community to sustain their engagement in the programme.

“That’s going to be the important thing once the infrastructure has been completed – people being able to maintain it.” Jonathan, JOA volunteer

Working directly with School Management Committees provides a space to exchange skills, provide information and improve knowledge on the importance of maintaining their school sanitation facilities.

Over the past fortnight, the enthusiastic JOA team have been working on the construction site and establishing key bonds with local community members.

“It’s been lovely to be made so welcome by all the community and to really feel part of it.” JOA volunteer, Lynne

“My goals and aims are to carry on doing what we are doing and encouraging people and that will make a lasting impression.” JOA volunteer, Sue 

Understanding and engaging both the primary school children and the wider community is critical to ensure the enduring success of this WASH project and is central to the way Raleigh Tanzania deliver development outcomes.

Find out more about our water and hygiene work with schools in Tanzania here. Check back for further updates on our projects this summer.


Words by Communications Officer, Lou McGowan


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