Jungle camp survival guide

23rd June 2013

CRN 13GH JK FB Whiskey1

Whiskey groups assigned, the Expedition 13G/H Project Managers headed out this week for 3 days of trekking, navigation, river-crossing and wild camping.

To find out how we got on in the wilderness keep reading!

Whiskey 1

CRN 13GH JK FB Whiskey1 (Left to right) Andrew, Jessie, Humberto, Ruth M, Kelly, Shynn, Kirsty and Kate

Whiskey 2

CRN 13GH JK FB Whiskey2Greig, Amy, Chloe, Luis, Ruth, Chenge and Heather 

Whiskey 3

CRN 13GH JK FB Whiskey3Gemma, Ian, Laura, Donald, Jenny, Katy, Meylin and David

 Whiskey 4

CRN 13GH JK FB Whiskey4Emma R, Jim, Werner, Eduardo, Helen, Emma F and Emma G

 Whiskey 5

CRN 13GH JK FB Whiskey5Sam, Kath, Gustavo, Katherine, Blue, Jake and Anthony

Expedition 13G/H jungle camp survival guide

1. Pack light

The goal: only use a third of your bag for personal kit, leaving two-thirds for group kit.

The reality: filling most of your bag with the bare essentials leaving a last minute panic as the remaining gear is unceremoniously stuffed in.

CRN 13GH JK FB 1. Pack light

2. Find North

It’s not always easy to find the route.

CRN 13GH JK FB 2. Find north2

A map, compass and directions are your best friends out here.

CRN 13GH KW WC map read-4131-600x400

3. Stay dry

CRN 13GH KW jungle camp river crossing-4497 600x400

Who are we kidding?

CRN 13GH KW jungle camp river crossing-4499-600x400

With a river crossing that was never going to happen!

4. Take a spare set of clothes

See (3)

5. Deet up

Don your longs and get that mosquito net out. This is the jungle people.

CRN 13GH KW jungle camp KF deet-4639-400x600  CRN 13GH KW jungle camp buggy bug-4309 600x400

6. Eat well

Food is energy. Sometimes it is delicious energy...

CRN 13GH KW jungle camp sweets eats RM-4464 600x400  CRN 13GH KW jungle camp JK refried beans-4547 400x600

Sometimes it is a packet of cold re-fried beans.

7. Radio in to base

How else will they know that you need more porridge oats for the morning?

CRN 13GH KW jungle camp whisky3-4471 400x600  CRN 13GH JK FB 7. Radio1

8. Get some rest

At the end of a hard day’s trekking a comfy bed is all you want.

CRN 13GH JK FB 8.Bed building  CRN 13GH KW jungle camp beds-4591-400x600

CRN 13GH KW jungle camp SO basha-4565 600x400

Sure, you may have to build it first. But it's worth it. Cocooned in your very own basher bed, suspended above the forest floor, you’re guaranteed a good night’s sleep.

9. Rise early

Really early. 4am to be precise. But it sounds worse than it is: you probably didn’t manage to stay awake past 7.30pm the night before.

There are no photos of this – trust me, it’s for the best.

10. Do it all again tomorrow

You’re tired, sweaty and dirty. Pull on your boots and get back out there anyway.

CRN 13GH KW jungle camp trek whisky1 team photo camp-4374 600x400