Kaa mkao wa kula… (Drumroll please…)

1st February 2014



The time has come for the Team Leaders to put all their theory in to practice and get stuck in to their individual projects.  This week the much anticipated day of ‘allocations’ came and went, so we can now reveal the teams and where they will be heading…

Charlie 1


Emmanuel and Emily will be spending 10 weeks in Mayamaya in the Dodoma region of Tanzania. They will be working with their project partners MAMADO on demonstration latrines as well as awareness raising on hand washing and sanitation practice.

Charlie 2


Sapphira and Daniel are heading to Nkhome, also in the Dodoma region working with MAMADO on demonstration latrines and sanitation awareness sessions to the local community.

Charlie 3


Yaa and Nuru will be working with our project partner SEMA in Mgongo in the Singida district where they will be helping to build a pump house to enable the local community to access water in their village alongside running a water and sanitation awareness campaign.

Charlie 4


Will and Rhona are going to be working in local schools on a SWASH (School Water and Sanitation Hygiene) project in the village of Igusulay in the Tabora district.  They will be helping to build sanitation blocks in the school and running an awareness raising campaign promoting this new resource and basic sanitation practice.

Charlie 5


Joachim and Sahedul are working alongside DMDD in Khusumay in the Arusha region.  The village has a current water system but it is need of some repair which the team will be working on during their 10 week stay as well as running health and sanitation awareness raising campaigns.

The team leaders are currently visiting their villages for the first time and gathering all the information they need, meeting the village leaders and making plans for the next time they head out with their teams in tow!