Kaliban children’s club formation

4th September 2017

The club is formed of local children aged 8-16. There were 16 children who became part of the newly formed Kaliban Nava Jyoti Club (Kaliban New Lights Club). The club’s activities revolve around the children arranging fun events such as sports meetings, cultural events and most importantly, to act as a platform for any opinion or concerns the children and youth of Kaliban might have, so that their unified voice could be heard by the wider community.

The session started was split into three parts; the first part with the team greeting the eager kids on a rainy Saturday afternoon – the team and the children were soon immersed in a group bonding game of Split & Splat and the Name Game and were ready to delve into the Active Global Citizen (AGC) session that the team had prepared for the children.

The second part of the session had the members of the club to take an active role within the AGC session– the children were split from ages 8-11 and 12-16, where each respective group discussed and presented their vision of their ideal community and its inner workings back to each other. The session was highly productive and inspiring as the children showed and discussed mature and detailed ideas about what they would like Kaliban to be like in the future.

The third and final part had the children informed on the importance and responsibilities of the club, alongside the inner workings of the club structure itself. After all the relevant information were relayed to its members, there was huge congratulations all round after a successful and productive and the Kaliban Nava Jyoti was officially formed. The team are looking forward to watch the membership and the members themselves grow within the foreseeable future.


Written By: Abi

November Charlie 5

Kaliban, Makwanpur


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