Karibu Team Leaders!

2nd October 2013

At last the ICS Team Leaders have arrived to join the Raleigh family!

The group arrived at Dar es Salaam airport full of a curious combination of excitement and fatigue after flying through the night to get here. Their Fieldbase cousins then proceeded to bundle them straight onto a bus for a dusty journey back to Morogroro, it’s all go when you’re on ICS!



The drive was a great opportunity for the team to get to know each other, take in their surroundings and get some well needed sleep. A few hot and cramped hours later the posse arrived at their new home to a spectacular welcoming committee, there was still no time to rest though as the new members of the team were thrown straight into some lessons on Fieldbase life, as well as receiving the grand tour of the house.

TAN 13J AL VM arrival 006

TAN 13J AL ICS arrival 043

As the day drew to a close it was finally chance for a little r&r, so the weary Team Leaders hauled themselves down to a local restaurant for some well-earned time off. 

The following day was the start of an intensive two week program for the Leaders, and to say that they hit the ground running would be an understatement! A huge amount of information was absorbed as the team diligently prepared for the adventure ahead of them. The group received training in everything from international development theory, to radio communications and first aid.  

TAN 13J AL ICS training 002

Confidence has grown and ideas have flourished as the Leaders have demonstrated their passion and potential for the role. 

TAN 13J AL VM training 011

The team gets to grips with communications protocall and equipment.


Emergency first response: ICS Team Leaders go over their first aid skills.


The Team Leaders practice life saving skills…on an orange.


Getting out the house: Trek training in the local hills.

TAN 13J AL VM Trek 168

Meet 13W! The team pose for a quick snap during navigation training.

TAN 13J AL VM Trek 095

It has been a full on week for the group, but positivity and enthusiasm has radiated. Stay tuned for our next blog all about allocation day; as the Team Leaders are paired up and sent to visit their respective project sites.

Tutaonana tena!