Keeping up with Birthdays and Constructions

15th November 2017

We are now well under way with the construction of the pipeline and are really pleased to be gaining more and more man-power and tools from the community. However, the deadline for completion of the construction phase is looming and we have all been working really hard to get as much done as we can. It is hard work and a challenge for us all, but we have kept spirits up and are all hopeful to get it as complete as possible. The construction of the pipeline, as well as the installation of a filter and fencing at the water source will improve the access of water for the community, as well as reducing contamination. We found out in our baseline surveys that many families in the community spend a significant amount of time fetching water. This includes children and the elderly.
Making a Birthday Dinner
This week we were also really pleased to initiate a students club in the community. We found out that the current youth club in the community is dominated by the upper end of the age spectrum (in Nepal, youth is regarded as anyone up to 40 years old), so we thought it was important that teenagers get a chance to congregate to improve their local community. The point of the students club is to give teenagers a space to learn new skills, develop relationships, address issues within their community and most importantly have fun. We had a good turnout at the first meeting and the students were enthusiastic about developing the group. Next week we will help them to elect a committee, who will run the club from now on. This is a really important step in youth empowerment, and we hope it will facilitate them to continue with the club, even after NC2 have left the community.
Dinner is served!
It’s not been all hard work. This week the team organised a (semi!) surprise veggie feast for my 24th birthday. Our lovely Nepali volunteers showed us how to make puris (a type of bread) and onion bhaji on the fire, with a generous serving of potatoes curry. As well as the decorations and handmade birthday card, it was a lovely way to celebrate, after a hard day digging. Written By Hazel November Charlie 2 Dhuseni, Gorkha

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