Khadka Gaun: All of 12 weeks

22nd April 2017

For many of us, our experience here in Khadka Gaun will end how it started, with a new adventure into an exciting future full of possibility through engaging youth to help solve the worlds issues. Some may be leaving Nepal but the memories of the people, projects, culture, celebrations, traditions and scenery will stay with us.

It is impossible to summarise three months spent in a rural community into a wordcount, video or photograph but some of the highlights include:

The Gorkha regional sports event


Celebrating Holi


Organising various training and awareness raising sessions


Inspiring young agents of change


Finding new friends and family

The International Citizens Service has been a great platform for all of us to teach what we know, and learn what we didn’t. Our experience here in Khadka Gaun has inspired us all to continue being an active agents of change once we get back home.

Written by UK team leader, Jasper (November Charlie 1)

Youth In Civil Society Nepal