Khadka Gaun : Week 3

25th February 2017

In our down time, we’ve been reading and drawing from a new beauty spot on the hill at the top of the village. We also celebrated our Team Leader’s birthday with enthusiastic ‘Good Friday’ music and dance offerings from host parents and volunteers, undoubtedly waking most the community in the process. Nevertheless, spirits were high and our dancing has been the talk of the town ever since.

 There have been more spontaneous school visits and we’re looking forward to welcoming hundreds of school children to the community for the President’s Cup, a regional sporting event held in schools in Gorkha. We’re going to be taking up additional household chores and catering duties in our host homes to provide for extra hungry mouths. We will also volunteer at the events being hosted by the school, having attended a volleyball practice and accepting we’d have no chance if we were to actually compete.

Posters up for community event promotion

Written by, November Charlie 2

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