Kihanga entrepreneurs spotlight from Echo 3

15th November 2017

Building resilience within vulnerable communities is the compass that guides Raleigh ICS Livelihoods programs. The unemployment rate amongst young people aged 15 – 24 in Tanzania is 13.4%, with young women being higher contributors to that percentage in comparison to young men. This problem is graver when it comes to rural areas and is the leading cause of youth migration to cities and subsequent stagnation in development of rural communities. In Kihanga, these are the factors that worry Dafroza, a 20-year-old entrepreneur, also mother to one-year old twins, “I want to gain knowledge of entrepreneurship and have my own business. I am a currently in a difficult situation as I am a single mother and I want to be able to support my children.” After market research in her village, Dafroza is hoping to secure funding to open a cosmetics and beauty shop in Kihanga.

“I want to have a good life and to be able to provide my children with a quality education until they are old”, hopes Dafroza, with her one-year old twins in Kihanga, Iringa Rural.

Elezea who is 18 years old is also an entrepreneur in the Livelihoods program this cycle and has the ambition to have her own kitenge shop; she has been attending entrepreneurship lessons and said, “Across Tanzania I hope the education system improves and the next generation can get a quality education. I wish to be able to make my own money in order to support my family.”

Raymondi is 24 years old and an entrepreneur, aspiring to solve problems in his village of Kihanga by meeting the needs of the community, as there is a lack of shops and facilities to meet their demands, “I am passionate about entrepreneurship and I have tried before and failed because I did not have the knowledge. I want to be a successful businesses man and to own my own shop or company in Kihanga.”

“I am attending the Raleigh course to gain the skills and entrepreneurship knowledge, so I will be more successful when I start my business”, Raymondi on the Livelihoods program in Kihanga, Iringa Rural.

Planning to set up a shoe shop in Kihanga, Raymondi will undoubtedly look to other community entrepreneurs for inspiration and guidance. One example is Jacqueline, an already established tailor seeking to improve her skills via the Raleigh ICS program.

Jacqueline tailored the skirts that Harriet and Abi are wearing.

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Asante sana!

Words by Miguel. Images by Echo 3.

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