Kwaheri and asante sana to Expedition 16K!

1st September 2016

As the Venturers of 16K arrived at the venue for EndEx in Morogoro on Tuesday there were squeals, laughter, and hugs as friends were reunited, bags were unloaded and stories were shared. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent cleaning kit, debriefing, reflecting on what they’d learnt, and personal development. There were sessions on becoming an Active Citizen at home, Youth for Green Growth and the Oak Foundation – who sponsored the Host Country Venturers to go on their Expedition.

16K Venturers touch down in Morogoro…

16K_Alpha_Final_Arrival_lowres-8 16K_Alpha_Final_Arrival_lowres-5 16K_Alpha_Final_Arrival_lowres-6

On Tuesday evening the Venturers organised a fabulously creative and hilarious Expedition Fashion Show where they created outfits using only materials from their backpacks, whilst on Wednesday evening we all got our groove on to ‘Just Dance’ – an interactive dance game. It was an amazing jam-packed couple of days, and the perfect way to say kwaheri (goodbye) and asante sana (thank you very much).

Thank you to all of the Venturers for your hard work and commitment over the past ten weeks. We hope that your journeys won’t stop here, and you will continue to create positive change in your communities when you return home. As Ghandi said: Be the change you want to see in the world!

Congratulations Expedition 16K – you are now Raleigh alumni.

By Felicity, Communications Officer

Photography by Steve Freeman

Youth In Civil Society Tanzania