Let’s make a change on #WorldEnvironmentDay

4th June 2015


World Environment Day serves as the 'people’s day' for doing something positive for the environment, galvanising individual actions into a collective power that can generate a positive impact on the planet. This is exactly what Paul, 22 did as part of his Action at Home, when he started a campaign based around cycling to work and raising awareness of the National Bike Challenge.


"My Action at Home involved speaking to local residents in Cobham, Surrey about cycling to work and the benefits of cycling in general including personal health, less C02 emissions and pollution. I also spoke to my colleagues at work and asked them if they would consider cycling to work.

I cycle five miles to work every day - the equivalent of 20 miles per day in the car. This would then equate to 100 miles per week and 400 miles per month (the same distance from London to Edinburgh); those figures had quite an impact on my colleagues.

Local businesses and supermarkets let me put posters up in order to raise awareness of the National Bike Challenge. These, plus taking time to discuss the issue with people will be effective because they are long-lasting and they help to remind everyone that cycling to work is cost-effective, healthy and contributes to a better planet. I shared my own personal experience of cycling to work, explaining that I feel much more prepared for work after cycling there; my mind feels clearer and I feel invigorated and ready to take on the day.

I’m passionate about the environment and want to preserve it. If I can I will always avoid using a car and walk or cycle everywhere that is within a reasonable distance.

Western countries are responsible for so much of the pollution and degradation of the planet, and we have a responsibility to start taking action. People in developing countries such as Tanzania and Nicaragua contribute a very small percentage to global pollution yet they experience most of the harmful effects because of it.

So let’s make a change; even a small one like cycling to work will have such a massive impact on the planet. That is my logic.

Young people are making society as we speak. We are the leaders, the doers and the future creators. The generations above us need to start realising that we do want to make an impact. We do want responsibility. We do want to be taken seriously, but we cannot do it alone. Let us in and show us the way, only then will we truly flourish.”

Are you thinking of raising awareness of an issue you care about as part of your Action at Home project? Let us know at alumni@raleighinternational.org