Let there be water…

26th October 2013

During Phase 1, Alpha 2 have been living and working in the village of Sonsogon Suyad.  In the first week the team produced a work plan with the Asian Forestry Company, their project partners, and moved all the materials up to the dam site.

The dam site is a 45 minute walk from the village, upstream through jungle terrain.  The site will used as the beginning of the gravity fed water system.  The team carried all the materials and equipment, including over 150kgs of cement and sand and the two water barrels to the work site – working hard as a team they were able to get everything to the work site within the first couple of days.  During the first week, a site was also cleared and cornered off for the water tanks to sit.  Cement was mixed and put on the site in order to flatten it out.


At the beginning of the week, the water source for purifying and drinking had dried up so the team had to walk to the further stream to get drinking water.  Doing this really highlighted the importance of the gravity fed water system for this community.  Actually walking in the footsteps of the villagers and fully appreciating the journey they have to take for water makes this project all that more significant.  


Working alongside the local community the pipe work was laid down for the first gravity fed water system and by the beginning of the second week, Alpha 2 were able to turn on the tap and provide running water for the first time to the community of Sonsogon Suyad.

Over the next week, Alpha 2 hope to complete the second, smaller gravity fed water system which will reach the remaining homes in the village.

Kat Townsend
Communications Officer