Let’s get Reforesting!

16th August 2017

Assessing the grounds for plantation

Deforestation is becoming a big problem in Nepal and is said to be the cause of many landslides. when trees are cut down, especially in hilly areas, the ground can become unstable. As earthquakes and tremors are common in Nepal, these bits of land become extremely susceptible to damage. To combat this the government are trying to get as many trees replanted as possible. Raleigh are joining the effort too, so part of our responsibilities was to help the villagers plant seedling around their village.

all hands in for plantation

They chose an area at the top of the village where the temple is located. It’s a beautiful spot but doesn’t boast much greenery, so it’s the perfect spot! We all hiked up to the temple and got to work. The villagers knew what they were doing straight away and jumped into action. We all shared out the seeds and dug small holes in the dirt, planting two at a time. We planted them all around the temple. Of course we won’t be seeing them before we go but hopefully in a few years’ time the villagers will be able to relax under the shade of some new trees.

Shelly and Grandma

It feels great to be doing this kind of work. It’s not just helping the villagers but it’s making an impact on the climate and environment as well, which is something a lot of people in our team feel very strongly about.

Job well done!

Written By Dylan

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Patpati, Gorkha

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