Life in Koudi

1st September 2017


Practicing a new digging technique taught to us by the youths

Since we were on placement during the monsoon season, it also being the season of farming, most of the locals were busy with their own farming, it was difficult for them to join in on our projects. We also found that although we were not lacking motivation, we lacked the practical skills and knowledge to be able to effectively work towards our goals – the community are about ten times more effective with a shovel than us. Additionally, it was clear to us that if we carry out work without involving the community they will not feel any pride or responsibility towards what’s produced and lack an understanding of its purpose.

Smiles all round whilst spending time with the women of the community

Following a weekly review session, we acknowledged that we should prioritize integrating within the community over continuing with tangible work.  This involved much chiya (tea) drinking, inviting the youths to our daily planning meeting, and offering our help with agricultural work for one day a week.

This bestowed trust and loyalty between our team and the community. We were now working in a much more effective manner. The community are now keen and willing to help us where they can, provided we schedule things for times when they’re available. We are all learning and developing together which has created a mutual respect and enabled us to all take pride and enjoyment from the work we’re doing.

Feeling proud following completion of the second plastic pond

As a team, we now feel we have been fully accepted into the community. We are confident that the physical things we implement will be utilized correctly and the new skills and knowledge gained will be put into action. We hope this will enable Koudi to continue developing sustain-ably after we leave.


Written By Laura

November Charlie 4

Koudi, Gorkha

Youth Economic Empowerment Nepal