Could You Live Below The Line?

11th March 2014

Think you could live on just £1 a day for 5 days?

This is the challenge thousands of people worldwide will be taking up as part of Live Below the Line next month. Among them will be Raleigh alumni, staff and supporters, who from 28th April to 2nd May will be spending just £1 a day on their food and drink - that’s just £5 for 5 days. Their aim? To increase awareness of those living in extreme poverty and raise vital funds for anti-poverty initiatives.

Today 1.2 billion people worldwide are living below the extreme poverty line on less than £1 a day. Live Below the Line is a simple but powerful way for you to help end this.

Inspired by her ICS placement in India, Hazel lived below the line as her Action at Home. Through Live Below the Line, Hazel gained a deeper understanding of the types of tough decisions those living in extreme poverty have to make on a daily basis, “People living below the poverty line have to eat and drink what is available to them, not what they 'fancy' or 'want'. You need to be very organised about your meal choices as food waste is not an option.

"Going out for coffee with my friends was a no go - my favourite coffee in Starbucks costs £2.95, that's the equivalent of 3 days worth of food.”

“On my last night of Live Below the Line I invited a friend over for dinner and she was impressed at what you could actually cook for very little cost. I've learnt that it's possible to live on much less than I do and to save money by cooking in bulk and planning ahead - things I will try and do in the future."

Think you could rise to the challenge? Sign up and Live Below the Line for Raleigh! Once onboard you will be supported by the team at Head Office to help make your campaign a success. Be inventive – find creative ways to make tasty meals at a fraction of the usual cost and encourage friends to take part by hosting your own ‘Come Dine Below The Line’! Use social media to raise awareness by blogging about your experience and grab people’s attention by sharing photos of your meals or weekly shop. This is a fantastic global initiative, a great way to raise awareness of extreme poverty and a brilliant Action at Home opportunity. 

Sponsorship raised from taking part in Live Below the Line will raise essential funds for Raleigh's overseas programmes and as an extra incentive to join in, our friends at Nomad Travel have kindly donated some fantastic prizes.


First prize for the highest individual fundraiser is an Osprey Talon 22 daysack, a limited edition Raleigh hoodie and a whole load of goodies, meaning you’ll be kitted out for your next adventure, wherever that may take you!

And that’s not all – raise over £150 and you’ll be entered into the prize draw to win a prize bundle including a North Face backpack and Raleigh hoodie!

Ready to take up the challenge? Live Below the Line and raise funds and awareness for the 1.2 billion people who live in extreme poverty by signing up here.

Want to learn more? Read about Lucy's experience of Living Below the Line in 2013.