Looking after personal health on trek.

6th April 2014

Zulu 1

For World Health Day, Zulu 1 Venturer, Georgie, has written a guest blog about the importance of personal health on trek.

“As I write this blog, Zulu 1 and I are resting our heavily blistered feet and trying not to scratch fungal infections cause by hours of walking in sweaty socks and boots.

Zulu 1

“Despite this, we’re trying to maintain high(ish) standards of personal hygiene. There has been much – often heated – debate about the pros and cons of foot powder and zinc oxide tape. Ironically, Project Manager Tony, who looks after his feet as if they were a newborn baby, has feet that look like they belong to a month old corpse. Max, who hasn’t bothered with his at all, looks ready to star in a foot care commercial.

“Water is another key factor in keeping healthy. As Quinn says, “I just love the way it comes straight out of your pores.” We’re all drinking upwards of six litres a day – just about enough to replace the buckets of sweat poring forth, all hours of the day and night.

“To carry all this water, it is essential that our bags are fitted to our backs correctly. Considering the majority of us are carrying over 20kg each, it is so vital that everyone is as comfortable as can be. Deiber reckons his is 40kg, but this remains unproven.

Zulu 1