Looking through the lens…incredible Imbak Canyon

15th November 2015

In this blog we let the young volunteers’ photos, with a sprinkling of quotes, tell the story so far of their phase at Imbak Canyon.

Favourite moments…

Imbak suspension bridge

‘Arriving at camp was stunning. We walked across a Raleigh built suspension bridge above a stunning waterfall. Definitely one of the best moments’. Laura Taylor.Arriving at Imbak Falls

Imbak trees and sky

‘Looking up at the sky and admiring the beauty of the trees swinging in the sun’. Amy Davila.

Imbak - magnificient tree

The team hard at work…

Hard at workWorking on the steps

A happy team

Living, working and learning from the environmental experts: the park rangers…

Park rangers

Keeping clean – rainforest style…

Jungle shower

Keeping clean in the rainforest

Creative jungle cuisine…

Making dinner

‘I don’t think I ever thought I’d be making a three course Italian meal in the middle of a pretty much unexplored rainforest using a biscuit tin as a fridge for fresh egg pasta and rocks from the river over a fire to cook garlic pizza bread. Perhaps a first for the lost world and definitely for me’. Abi Hayward.

The fire

Getting to know the locals…

Imbak wildlife 1

Imbak wildlife 2









Imbak wildlife 3

Imbak wildlife 4








A sense of perspective – conservation matters…

Big tree or small people

Big Belian Tree

Rainforest walk

‘This is the lost world and the new frontier for research. I feel extremely privileged to have contributed to the possibility of new research and finding new species by building this new bridge’. Jack Thompson.


Raleigh Borneo’s work, with  Yayasan Sabah, at Imbak Canyon is testament to how active citizens create impact together and create lasting change. Inspired? Open to discovery? Then find the courage and volunteer for a Raleigh expedition


The photos in this blog were taken by Robin Tess Bolland, Amy Davila, Catheline de Slegte, Lucas Dziadek, Abi Hayward, Jack Thompson, Pieter Weijerman, and Jess Pomeroy.

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