Mambo! Welcome to Raleigh Tanzania ICS 13W!

29th September 2013

Hello and welcome to the official 13W ICS Blog, my name is TJ and I am the Deputy Programme Leader for this expedition. My Raleigh experience first began as a venturer in India, completing eco-sanitation units in the tropical southern regions. I quickly returned as an ICS Team Leader for the last expedition in Tanzania, and now again as part of the Fieldbase team. Along the way I have been lucky enough to be part of some very positive development work, which needless to say has been both challenging and inspiring.

The advanced team arrived in Dar Es Salaam on Wednesday, boasting a crack squad of logisticians, admin officers, finance professionals, medics and of course some management staff. After negotiating our way through some less than sparse traffic, we all arrived safely at our new home, tired but ready to ‘crack on’! Our Fieldbase is located in Morogoro, surrounded by stunning mountains, friendly locals and equipped with both relaxing veranda and adorable family dog.


The days that have followed have been a hotbed of activity as we eagerly prepare for the upcoming expedition. This has involved getting to grips with our roles and the programmes that we will be supporting, alongside a fair share of organisation. It can be an intense few days settling in to life on expedition, but more than anything we are all very excited to begin the next series of projects.

On Wednesday we welcomed our Team Leaders, who all arrived safely and are in the middle of training! I’ll be introducing them to you in the next blog…but first, let me introduce the ICS fieldbase team.

TAN 13J AL FB 085

From right to left: TJ the Deputy Programme Leader, Jovin our logistics intern, Martin the National Volunteer Coordinator and last but not least Carolyn our Country Programme Leader.  

Below Carolyn and I tackle the particularly frustrating task of completing our communications boxes. 

TAN 13J AL FB 268

Martin works with all our Tanzanian volunteers and is busy fielding all kinds of questions from them as they prepare for ICS...

TAN 13J AL FB 365

Jovin gets to grips with the army tents!

TAN 13J AL FB 347

The next few months are guaranteed to be an amazing experience as we assemble our team of volunteers and deploy to work alongside our communities. Stay tuned to meet more of the group and find out how they get on with their training.

Kwaheri for now!