My experience as a Project Manager

13th December 2013

This is a guest blog from one of our Project Managers, Awi Frances. Prior to coming on Raleigh, Awi was director of the Forest School in Swansea; a charity for children and young people that aims to raise self esteem through teaching awareness and appreciation of the natural environment. Awi has been project manager for two environmental phases, offering her expertise to the venturers of Alpha 3 and X-Ray 4. 

awi pm

Many tourists may make the visit to San Lucas Islad, the uninhabited ex-prison, and Guayabo National Monument, a magical ancient centre built 3000 years ago, with incredible knowledge of physics, mathematics and astronomy. However I have been lucky to have the opportunity to spend 19 days at each place.

With Alpha 3 and X-Ray 4, I was working, living and sleeping in jungle camps, totally in nature alongside the howler monkeys, stunning colourful birds of all sizes, and most amazing of all, the huge range of insects, spiders, scorpions, giant crickets, snakes and caterpillars. The richness of the Costa Rica biodiversity makes a very valuable contribution to global biodiversity.

Both areas have been reforested in the last 40 years after the original rainforest was cleared for grazing cattle. The work we have been doing, reforestation and improving the infrastructure does make a difference to their future security, ensuring Costa Rican government support.

It has been a privilege to be able to contribute in this small way to the bigger global picture. I also hope I have been able to inspire the venturers I’ve been working alongside, to value environmental issues more and to know that even small changes they make in their personal lives can make a difference in the world.