Meet the Alpha Groups

12th October 2013

This morning began early, with the venturers gathered on the terrace for an all-singing, all-dancing, allocations meeting. The PMs announced the names of their group members through the mediums of song, dance, and conga line - before assembling their new groups for a team photo. 

For more information on each of the projects you can take a look at the allocations blog here. Alternatively you can click on the names of the individual alpha groups for the PM's take on the project. 

So without further ado, the phase 1 groups are as follows:   

Alpha 1 - Miratombo Trek

CRN 13L KW Fieldbase V training day 3-3083-alpha-1

Introducing: Alex Waghorn, Andy Whitford, Ariana Volio Moya, Catia Riva, Ceri McNelly, David Sancho Alpizar, Emily Acorn, Emily Hughes, Filip Breeman, Jan-Henry Sanders, Marenthe Willers Holman, Reggie Chelsom, Vicky Cox 

Alpha 2 - Guanacaste Trek

CRN 13L KW Fieldbase V training day 3-3014-alpha2

Introducing: Annabel Griffin, Elisa Houweling, Ellie Wilson, Ericka Chavarría Gutiérrez, Esteban Picado Badilla, Fraser Graham, Joanna Stormonth-Darling, Julio Rodriguez, Katy Maguire, Mandy Baldam, Rebekah Taylor, Richard Lawson, Tom Cooling

Alpha 3 - San Lucas Island

CRN 13L KW Fieldbase V training day 3-3057-alpha-3

Introducing: Alexandra Blunt, Awi Frances, Kate Morrison, Kirsty Woods, Laure Aboulin, Lyn Phang, Marley Bankoff, Mathilda Lewis, Miranda Villero Llubere, Nelson Daniel Moran, Oliver Counter, Tim Grobben, Will Mercer

Alpha 4 - Guayabo National Park

CRN 13L KW Fieldbase V training day 3-3036-alpha-4

Introducing: Anton Steinbeck, Ariane de Selliers de Moranville, Benjamin Robinson, Carmijn Dura, Harry Saker, Hazel Thompson, Jo Peek, Lars Krikke, María Carolina Martínez Canales, María Mercedes Guzmán boniche, Megan Halsted, Siuki Ma, Sophie Brada

Alpha 5 - Los Pinares community project

CRN 13L KW Fieldbase V training day 3-2990-alpha-5

Introducing: Albert Murillo Solís, Génesis Ng Loría, Isobel Allison, Jules Van Hagen, Kate Wright, Fanny Shan Shing, Lucia Saenz Monge, Mima Montero Madrigal, Martine Roell, Max Toone, Oscar Segrave, Sarah Wilkie, Shalini O'Donnell, Steve Morris