Meet the Changemakers

26th September 2018


Team Leaders for Bhadaure, Gorkha

From left: Shivam, Magdalena and Chinu
Shivam Prasad Shah is a student of B.SC Environmental Science. He wants to bring changes in the environment and is here to challenge himself and change the world. Magdalena Andres wants to act on issue that she care about together with a team of volunteers and a local community in Gorkha. Chinu Shreesh is looking forward to knowing herself more and is keen to do something better for the community.

Team Leaders for Hatiya, Gorkha

From left: Michael and Sujan
Michael Robert Cunningham is waiting to use his skill in a best possible way. He wishes to learn Nepalese culture and hope to make a lasting impact in the WASH project. Sujan Lal Tamang has his Bachelor’s degree in Rural development and have worked in the development sector for three years with an INGO. He wants to develop his leadership skills by creating an impact in the community and working with young and energetic volunteers. He believes that technical and professional knowledge that he will get from Raleigh experience will help him to develop his career.

Team Leaders for Dadhagaun, Gorkha

From left: Alafia and Gaura
Alafia Chung wants to work in the community and help them to achieve their goals. She is determined to run a successful project. Gaura Kumari Gharti Magar is waiting for her result of Bachelor’s degree in Public Health and in the mean time wants to learn  about project management and build her confidence level.

Team Leaders for Dhuseni, Gorkha

From left: Jack, Nisha and Hussein
Jack have always wanted to experience the diverse and rich culture of Nepal. He is excited to do that whilst also participating in meaningful work and expanding his capacity for leadership. Nisha Rai is a student of Civil engineering. She thinks this is a golden opportunity for her and also takes this as a learning experience of her life. Hussein wishes to do many things in his life by supporting people and spreading laughter. As a child he had his first experience which humanitarian work provides. Working and being involved in a development has always been a prime aim for him. He also quoted as “With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come”.

Team Leaders for Kesedi, Makwanpur

From left: Diwas, Dulcie and Deepa
Diwas Amatya is studying Bachelor’s in Business from Kathmandu University School of Management. He hopes to create positive impact through challenging himself and acting as an agent of change. He wants to develop his personality as well. Dulcie is happy to be here in Nepal and is excited to work with the community and work to learn from each other. Deepa Sharma is from Dharan and is excited to learn new things from the community. She believes in “Learning by doing”.

Team Leaders for Sikharbas, Makwanpur

From left: Shraddha and Mariya
Sharaddha Raut is pursuing her double master’s in Commerce and Humanities. She is looking forward to bringing a positive impact in the communities. Mariya Stefanova have a Business background and has been working in the sector for few years. She is excited to experience community development from the front line and grow together with her team. She hopes to make a difference in rural Nepal communities.

Team Leaders for Waribasuki, Makwanpur

From left: Pranusha and Alice
Pranusha Karki have a Master’s degree in Public Health Nutrition and expect this project to be fun as well as illuminating.  Alice Gatignol left her job at a law firm to step out of his comfort zone and is looking forward to doing community work in Nepal.

Team Leaders for Chuwar, Makwanpur

From left: Joshua, Hiba and Shrijana
Joshua McNeill is from Bristol and has already volunteer in the LGBTQ community. He has studied development at both undergraduate and post-graduations. He is hardworking and waiting to know the locals. Hiba Dhin is hoping to experience the living in a rural community and facilitate positive change through the livelihood program. She is eager to share her knowledge, skills and experience in a completely different environment. Shrijana Rana Magar is studying Business and she thinks this project will help her to start her own business in future.

Team Leaders for Ghoptebesi, Makwanpur

From left: Neil and Raman
Neil Dodd has already worked as ICS volunteer from VSO and is thrilled to work again for the community. He has been working in a commercial and want to put his business skills into practice and guide the volunteers for a successful project. Raman Bajracharya is educated from Kathmandu University School of Management with a degree in Business Administration. He wants to apply his management knowledge to uplift the livelihood of the underprivileged people and bring a positive change in the society. He is committed, self-motivated and driven to achieve his goals.

Deputy Operations Manager

From left: Hollie and Ajeena
Hollie and Ajeena will be working together to support the Team Leaders and facilitate their experience in the community. They will working closely with the Team Leaders helping to train and support them as they empower rural communities and their volunteers to create a long lasting change. Hollie, after experiencing being a Team Leader in Raleigh Tanzania last cycle, she is exited to continue her journey with Raleigh Nepal. She is excited to work to work with Raleigh Nepal and experience a new culture whilst contributing towards positive change. Ajeena has a Bachelors degree in Finance and this is her second cycle as a Deputy Operations Manager. She has been a team leader on Autumn, 2017 and was impressed by the change her team could bring in the community which made her work more in the field of community development. She is wise enough to solve a Rubik’s cube in a minute.   Keep up to date with the stories of this cycle through this blog!

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