Meet the project partners…DMDD working with Team Bargish

25th October 2014

C9 14Q school 2

After a long journey Team Bargish reached their new home Bargish. Bargish is a simple, yet partially developed, village just a stone’s throw from lake Manyara (if your’re capable of throwing a stone over fifty kilometres). Bargish’s high altitude grants the village a cooler, greener climate.

Team Bargish are ready and raring to go, working alongaside project partner DMDD (Diocese of Mbulu, Development Department) to provide clean and sustainable methods of hygiene throughout the village of Bargish.  DMDD hold high, nevertheless achievable, hopes for the village, prioritizing the improvement of sanitation facilities such as latrines whilst also raising the awareness of how some simple hand washing techniques and good hygiene can help to prevent disease.  DMDD also aim to empower and involve the community throughout their work within the village by including them in decision making and allowing the local people to empower themselves to make change.

C9 14Q school 2

Our project partner (DMDD) operates in such a large area it is nothing short of impossible to concentrate their resources for ten weeks into just one community. However, working in unison with Raleigh international we are able to help improve the clarity of DMDDs message within Bargishs community whilst also increasing the capacity with our team of 14 people living in the village.  By providing practical examples of the level of sanitation that all developing communities desperately need, both Raleigh and DMDD hope to encourage sustainable as well as remarkable change.

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