A Message to future volunteers

27th May 2016

‘As my time in Nepal was coming to an end, I thought to myself, what do I wish I had known before I got here? I thought about what I had expected, what I was right about and what I was wrong about. After thinking about this for a while, I began to think about the villagers who had so graciously welcomed us into their homes, lives and hearts. Was there anything they would have said to us before we arrived? If so, what would it be?

This is not a message from me about what to expect, or avoid, or even how to do things; your trip will be your experience and I will never be able to describe that experience to you. Instead, this is a message from the community members of Nibuwatar, where NC2 has been working over the period. We asked them what they would like to tell upcoming volunteers, and these are some of the things that they would like you to hear.’

Blog_RaleighICS_Host Father
One of the host fathers giving a message to future volunteers

“Even if you don’t come here to Nibuwatar, I welcome you to Nepal. And if you do come here, know that you will get everything that we gave to the group that worked here. The same care, same love and the same sense of family.”Thuli

“We live in a village here but do not take that to mean, we have nothing! There is a lot to offer you as we did to NC2 and so you will to us.” Menuka

“Welcome…! with a kind generous smile” Rajan

“When the next group comes here I hope they continue from where the last group left off. That is what will be most helpful to our community.” Jaya

“The meetings you run gave people a platform to speak. If more people like you come here I hope that they continue to build on this.” Sharmila

“Because of you all, our school and our community have got involved in something different. There are always positive change having volunteers here we thank you for the opportunity you give us to learn. We look forward to the next group that will come here and hope that we can learn from them as they learn from us.” Hem

“The group that is leaving now has got really involved. They are like our family. If you come here, start living her with us, you should be like our family too.” Shanta

Blog_NepalICS_Volunteers in traditional Nepali Dress
Rose and Samriddhi receiving gifts from their host sister

So, to future volunteers, from members of the community, and from everyone here at Raleigh, we wish you all the best and we hope that you have an over-whelming experience when you join us here in Nepal.

Written by UK Volunteer Laura McDonagh


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