Supporting the families of migrant workers

8th August 2013

A volunteer on the Raleigh International Citizen Service programme speaks about promoting sanitiation and hygiene in rural Nicaragua

In autumn 2012, Misael Dormes spent three months volunteering on Raleigh ICS in Nicaragua. His project focused on working with the community to develop skills and capacities to manage health issues and natural resources locally. 

For his Action at Home project, Misael shifted his focus to addressing the social impacts of migration in his home town of Granada, Nicaragua.

Working with children‘The idea for my Action at Home project was born during the weeks I spent volunteering with Raleigh. During this time, I had the opportunity to learn about project management, which got me thinking about the issues present in my home city and how I could help address them.

As soon as I got back, I put together a project plan and presented the idea to the Jesuit Service for Migrants. They were really impressed, especially as the project explored the role of employment policy, an area that’s rarely touched upon, but has significant impact on the support available for families of migrants.Project volunteers

The next step was to recruit volunteers. To inspire them to take part, I organised for the volunteers to visit the migrants’ centre to see the work they deliver firsthand. Once they were on board, the volunteers and I set about fundraising to cover the costs of the project.

Children watching the videoWith the funds we raised, we created a short video about the impacts of economic migration, looking specifically at what support is available for families and what their rights are. Without knowing your rights, it’s hard to break free from the poverty cycle. That’s why this project was so important to me. 

But it doesn’t stop here. For my next project, I’m planning on constructing a shelter for people who live on the streets and I would love to work with Raleigh alumni to achieve this.'

If you'd like to support Misael with his next project, email us at He'd also love to read your messages of support, so please use the comments field below.