More about the expedition projects – school sanitation (“Alpha three”)

5th October 2014

Project “Alpha three” is a SWASH (Schools Water and Sanitation Hygiene) project. One of the aims of the SWASH projects is to improve the sanitation provisions in schools and, at the same time, to promote hygiene awareness. Raleigh volunteers will work in partnership with SEMA (Sustainable Environment Management Action). SEMA is a Tanzanian, non-profit organisation which stimulates and supports villagers to solve their own problems, as well as providing materials and engineering expertise. Emma, Jude and Zandra will be the first project managers. project managers for school sanitation project Having just visited Hangomba to plan the project, they write,

Our assignment is to Hangomba, a small village in the Mbozi district near the Zambia border. 

Of the local population, 20% do not have access to toilet facilities and the remaining 80% only have substandard facilities.  At the primary school, over 650 children have to share just 12 basic toilets. Our role will be to join the SEMA SWASH project to help build three latrine blocks at the local school, adding fifteen additional toilets.  We will also be helping raise the students' awareness about sanitation and increasing the number of Tippy Taps in the community [A Tippy Tap is a simple device for handwashing, in areas where there is no running water]. We will be living near the project site and adopting a very local lifestyle, sharing their water source and enjoying what their market has to offer.

school with pit for new toilet This photo, showing the school and a pit which has been dug for one of the new toilets, was taken by Judy.