Namaskara from India Charlie 12

19th July 2013


It’s been a busy couple of weeks in Karkupally for IC12. After a few days of getting to know our new neighbours we were off to CTRD (Centre for Tribal and Rural Development) for training on SHG (Self Help Groups) baseline surveys.

Following our training and reunion with IC11 it was back home to the village to put our training into action. Everyone really enjoyed learning more about villagers and their lives.

In between the surveys and playing cricket with the children we have started meeting with some of the local women to begin a new self help group. Our busy week ended with IC11 at CTRD for PRA training which we are looking forward to working on for the next week.

Finally, some comical highlights include; a group love of toothpaste, Abdul was attacked by a chicken, our bus stand party and Chris thinking a leech pit toilet was full of leeches!!!

Hope all is well back home,

From IC12!!