Namaste Khadka Gaun!

15th February 2017

The sunsets and sunrises are incredible here in Khadka Gaun, with eagles hovering over the clouds and the sun setting onto the Himalayas. The people are also very warm and caring, and we have been welcomed with open arms and several cups of tea.

 Our first week consisted of visiting the local higher secondary school and meeting with the teachers, as well as having discussions with the Mothers’ group, which has offered us useful insights into the local situation. Apart from this, we also have been busy building a shower, dancing, and eating lots of Dahl Bhat.

 In between sessions and meetings, we also spent time with the community members, dancing, and creating activity groups for drawing, fitness and photography. We also held a meeting with the manager of our project partner organization, Shree Swanra Integrated Community Development Center (SSICDC), with whom we discussed about the opportunities for the volunteers to collaborate with the organization in coming days. November Charlie 2 is also excited about the possibilities of collaborating with the mothers group, local school, youth groups, and community groups in the near future, and have created various group activities ranging from art and fitness, to drama and language classes.

Our volunteers meet with the Project Partner

 The slogan of International Citizens service- “challenge yourself to change your world” correlates with the passion of our volunteers, and the team is excited to engage the local youth in sustainable development. We hope to inspire the community through training, educating and raising awareness.

Written by: November Charlie 2

Youth In Civil Society Nepal