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A full circle

22nd December 2016

Raleigh international Nepal started its journey in the February of 2016 with the first ever team of 60 International Citizens Service (ICS) volunteers deployed in the rural communities of Makwanpur for 12 weeks. With the total of 227 ICS volunteers, Raleigh International Nepal has successfully completed a year of action in Nepal with three cycles placed in the communities so far.

Spring Cycle


The spring Cycle of 2016  was the very first team of volunteers for Raleigh International Nepal, and worked in 4 different rural villages of Makwanpur for 12 weeks. The Spring cycle, also known as 16R, started in February and ended in May. The 16X Spring Cycle consisted of 2 female and 2 male in-country team leaders, working along side 3 female and 2 male UK team leaders. There were 14 female and 9 male volunteers from the host country, whereas 14 female and 14 male volunteers were from the UK. 16X cycle was divided into 4 November Charlie teams, and worked in four different communities of Bhalukhola (November Charlie 1), Nibuwatar (November Charlie 2), Nimti/Basuki (November Charlie 3), and Kiteni (November Charlie 4).

Summer Cycle


The Summer Cycle was also known as 16U, and consisted a total of 86 volunteers. There were 3 female and 4 male in-country team leaders, and 6 female and 1 male UK team leader in the summer cycle. They were accompanied by 17 male and female in-country volunteers, and 22 female and 16 male UK volunteers. The 16U cycle had 3 more teams than the first team and were divided into 7 November Charlie teams. They worked on 7 different rural communities of Makwanpur out of which 3 teams continued the work of the previous cycle, while 5 new villages were new addition to the second cycle. While November Charlie 1, 4, and 5 continued the work of the previous cycle in Bhalukhola, Nibuwatar, and Basuki/Nimti respectively, November Charlie 2, 3, 6, and 7 worked in their respective villages of Bagdali, Ikchung, Aghor, and Simaltar; the added villages in the second cycle. Though there were more teams in the second cycle, they worked for 10 weeks rather than 12, lasting from June to August, with a single phase review during their placement.

Autumn cycle


Autumn cycle, or 16X, were the last group of Raleigh volunteers for 2016. The cycle lasted for 12 weeks from September to December. 16X had 81 volunteers in total out of which 37 were from the UK; consisting 21 female and 16 male volunteers, and 29 were from in country, where 17 of them were female and 12 were male volunteers. The volunteers were led by 4 male and 4 female UK team leaders and 7 in-country team leaders, all of which were males. The 16X cycle was divided into 6 November Charlie teams, and worked in 6 different villages of Makwanpur. November Charlie 1, 2, 3 and 6 continued the work of the second cycle in Simaltar, Bagdali, Ikchung, and Aghor, While November Charlie 4 continued the work of the first cycle in Kiteni. November Charlie 5 worked in Ghantikhola, which was a new addition this cycle.

What they have achieved?

227 is a huge number to make a difference in any community. Working in the thematic areas of Water Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH), Community resilience building and livelihood improvement, and Youth Participation and leadership, with the help and support of community people and our project partners Rural Awareness and Development Organisation (RADO), and Women, Children, and Environment Development Center (WOCHEND) our volunteers have worked tirelessly as agents of change to bring about positive changes in the communities, and inspire people to be active global citizens themselves. Following is the list of some of the things they have worked on and achieved so far:

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

  • Construction and rehabilitation of sanitation facilities
  • Installation of hand washing stations
  • Awareness raising events on health benefits of sanitation
  • Promotional events on good hygiene practices
  • Construction and rehabilitation of safe drinking water schemes
  • Capacity building and training of water user committee members


Community Resilience Building and Livelihoods improvement

  • Awareness raising events on causes and consequences of Climate Change and Natural Disaster
  • Information and orientation sessions on coping strategy diversification
  • Capacity building training in Natural Resource Management and Community Based Organisations
  • Youths trained in livelihood diversification
  • Training on high value/off seasonal vegetable production
  • Short term vocational training and business skills sessions


Youth participation and leadership

  • Youths trained in youth leadership and active citizenship
  • Awareness raising on role of youths as agents of change and development partner
  • Facilitate youth representation in Community Based Organisations and Natural Resource Management
  • Establish and strengthen youth groups



With the end of 16X Autumn cycle, Raleigh international Nepal has now completed a full circle of community service as it prepares to welcome the volunteers for the new Summer Cycle of 2017, where they will be deployed in the community in February.

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