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A day in life of the Simaltar locals

14th December 2016

After eleven weeks of hard-work and awareness raising, we at November Charlie 1, decided to spend our final Sunday in Simaltar with our new families. Not only was this a wonderful way to spend quality time with the people we have formed strong bonds with, but we also got a first-hand view of a full day in the life of a villager. We discovered how those who have been putting delicious food on our plates for the last 77 days generate their income to enable them to host us so wonderfully.

For most, that meant a 6am start: some sweating over a hot fire to make chiya (tea) and roti (bread) for the hungry workers’ breakfast; others sweating from the steep ascent into the hills to collect fresh greenery for the cattle who waited patiently at home.

In-country volunteer, Hima, makes tea for her host family
In-country volunteer, Hima, makes tea for her host family

For all of us volunteers, it meant a new-found appreciation for the lengths our families go to, in order to feed us and themselves on a daily basis; scaling trees, hammering huge boulders, and repetitively digging new pits for the potatoes to grow! It also meant learning a new skill, whether that be preparing chicken food, cooking samosas, or how to cut bananas out of trees!

UK volunteer, Emma, learns to make Samosas
UK volunteer, Emma, learns to make Samosas

Despite the fact that we were not building, digging or running an event anymore, the day helped us realise the accomplishments of NC1 here in Simaltar. We have formed excellent relationships with the community and know how hard they work to make their village a flourishing place. As individuals, we have all developed personally; learning new skills and coping mechanisms, having been inspired by the incredibly resilient women and men that surround us on a daily basis. Finally, and most importantly, from stepping inside the villagers shoes and working with them we now know that they have the ability, integrity and determination to continue making Simaltar a better community after we leave. We look forward to hearing about their successes in the future!


-Written by November Charlie 1

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