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My Experience in Hukka Baan

13th November 2017

From the moment I arrived in Hukka Baan I felt at home and I feel very lucky and happy to still feel this way after almost living here for three weeks. I have enjoyed every interaction with the community, from settling into my host home to working alongside the locals, digging in preparation for the replacement of water source pipeline.

As a team, we have done lots of things in the community. On the occasion of ‘Global Hand Washing Day’, we organised a hand washing session at the local school, which was an amazing experience. The students were very excited to have us there and I felt proud to be able to teach the children about the importance of practicing and reinforcing the good habit of hand washing.

Preparing for the hand washing day

The other projects we have worked on include building a shower for the group to use and a community bin made from bamboo. For both, with the help of some local people, we sourced the materials required to build and worked hard as a team to plan and construct together. These were challenging projects to coordinate but they gave us an excellent way to discover how we work as a team and doing so helped us learn a lot of new skills.

Working with the locals on the pipeline

This week we began the rehabilitation work on the ‘Lotse’ water system in Hukka Baan village. So far, it has been great to work with the local people on a project that will surely make such a positive impact on the whole community. Before the land preparation and water pipeline digging started, my friend Chris and I completed a risk assessment of the work site area to ensure any potential risks were noted and assessed properly, which I found very interesting.

Milan & Chris modelling the community bamboo bin

The pipeline digging has been quite challenging and very hard work, but I have enjoyed the whole process. I already feel like I have experienced so much and learned  new things from my time with Raleigh International and my NC1 team mates. We have lot more to do before the end of the project, but I am looking forward to all the experiences that lay ahead.


Written By Milan

November Charlie 1

Hukka Ban, Gorkha

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