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Final week in Adamar

21st April 2017

With the final day of their stay in the community closing in, November Charlie 9 is preparing to leave the community on a high note. While some of them are preparing a song to bid farewell, the others are planning a final meeting with the community based organizations to reflect upon their work in Adamar.

Close to the end of construction works in Adamar, November Charlie 9 met up at 6.30am almost every morning to avoid toilet construction in the crazy heat it reaches after 9am. Working for over 2 weeks, now over 25 handwashing stations have been built. We have also distributed buckets across Adamar, delivering handwashing training to over half the community. It was great to see everyone get involved and practice the 6 stages of handwashing.

In-country volunteers Dinesh (standing), and Tej watch as a local woman practices 6 stages of handwashing

This week we also organized a community Olympics event which was probably our most successful event so far. Over 50 people were involved in our community Olympics and showcase of all the work from children’s club. NC9 discovered the difficulties of coordinating sports events for over 30 competing kids. Our events included a 3 legged race, water balloon throwing, a water relay and a sack race. Despite the madness of the day, the spectators seemed to thoroughly enjoy laughing at their children falling over each other in an attempt to win. We were very happy to see everyone handwashing before having lots of popcorn and juice as refreshments.

Children of Adamar enthusiastically take part in cmmunity olympics

We can’t believe it’s now our final week in Adamar. We hope to finish on a really positive note, and our focus is now on our final children’s, women’s and water use committee meetings, doing case studies on the project and saying goodbye to the community. As construction is coming to a close, our project partner Women, Children, and Environment Development Center (WOCHEND) is starting work on improving the water source for the community. Tej (an in-country volunteer) has also started music rehearsals with the children for a farewell singing performance that we’re all looking forward to!

Written by November Charlie 9

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