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Full of Hope and Passion. Here are our 17U Agents of Change!

18th June 2017

Our Team leaders have had quite the ride, starting from the first week of intense training and second week of Project Planning Visits. Now that it is time to meet the volunteers and head to their respective placements, we asked them ‘What do they look forward to the most?’ and here is what they had to say.

November Charlie 1 (NC1)

Placement: Ripthok, Gorkha

 ‘We are here to learn, so we keep on learning. I believe in always inspiring others to aspire. The more we simulate others, it tends to drive towards motivation. Unless you know yourself first, you cannot learn to know others.’

Marco: ‘I am excited to face the challenges ahead with my counterpart Buddha. I have high hopes that we support positive development in each other, the volunteers and the community by encouraging open mindedness, good humour and creativity.

November Charlie 2 (NC2)

Placement: Khadka Gaun, Gorkha

Lizzie: ‘Looking forward to seeing the culture exchange between the UK Volunteers, Nepali Volunteers and the community members and the resulting smiles that it will inevitably bring.’

Pragyawatee: ‘Living in Khadka Gaun in a community I look forward to learn, unlearn, reflect and build close relationship with everyone. Eat dal-bhat every day, shower in an open place, work in the fields!  Alas, live every day with a content heart!’

November Charlie 3 (NC3)
Placement: Patpati, Gorkha

Matthew: ‘Having seen my community and met my partner, I cannot wait to start work. The project has already thrown up some challenging issues, but I am excited to conquer each problem as it arises. I hope that through this work, I can really make a lasting difference and impression on the people of Patpati and truly make a positive change within a community who are in need of aid.

Nitish: ‘I want to give a good impression in the community as my previous leaders. It is a very challenging job to be a team leader and privileged as well. I am prepared and excited to overcome the challenges in front of me and make a positive and sustainable change.’

November Charlie 4 (November Charlie 4)

Placement: Kaudi, Gorkha

Elliot: ‘Positivity, Patience and Perseverance. Are all you will need to make the most of Raleigh International Nepal. Your expectations, excitement and anticipation still won’t come close to the experience you will have.’

Santosh: ‘Believing is achieving and this has brought me to volunteering with Raleigh International Nepal. All ready to go, because they believe that I CAN DO, so now Achieving is left.’

November Charlie 5 (NC5)
Placement: Kaliban, Makwanpur

Sam: ‘You will get as much out of this process as you put in. this opportunity is a golden one. Remember that and you will make a difference.’

Sangeet: ‘Nothing is permanent, even your worst of the worst time. Try is the act in which you are not in lost, never ever. You will learn from every try.’

November Charlie 6 (NC6)
Placement: Dumrekuna, Makwanpur

Asma: ‘I want to gain experience and make some positive personal development alongside working for the development of the community which will be a sustainable one.’

Amy: ‘I want to gain experience in grassroots development and hopefully ‘do no harm’ the first humanitarian principle.’

November Charlie 7 (NC7)
Placement: Amling, Makwanpur

Mahesh: ‘I always loved the quote ‘would you like you, if you met you?’. I believe that the Raleigh experience will make me a better person whom everybody likes.’

Tessa: ‘After visiting our community, I am so excited for the volunteers to arrive, to be welcomed into our beautiful village and families. We have an amazing opportunity ahead of us to work with the community, inspire and learn from each other and to create a positive sustainable change.

November Charlie 8 (NC8)

Placement: Ghantikhola, Makwanpur

Gandip: ‘I want to give and put my full effort and energy in bringing some real change in the community. My main motivation is to inspire young people in the community to be responsible. Be responsible when young, your future will be awesome.’

James: ‘As a previous volunteer with Raleigh Nepal, I am in awe at the positive attitude shown by all the Nepalese, in the face of adversity. It is a privilege to be back as a Team Leader, to create sustainable change in this wonderful country.’’

November Charlie 9 (NC9)
Placement: Adamar, Makwanpur

Baibhav: ‘Be the better you’

Hattie: ‘I am looking forward to developing young people from diverse cultures and countries to be able to make a positive, sustainable change in an amazing community.’

What’s next?

Monday 19th June – Group 1 Volunteers arrive

Friday 23rd June – Deployment to Gorkha

Friday 23rd June – Group 2 arrive

Tuesday 27th June – Deployment to Makwanpur

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