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12th October 2017

The teams have set off for Makwanpur this morning! A day after Group 1 deployed. the Makwanpur Team arrived here in the training grounds in Bhaktapur on the 9th of October. The teams had similar session on Culture, Development and First Aid. Since, group 2 will be working on Livelihoods, they were also briefed on what Livelihoods is. The teams were trained on Soil Testing and how to do Baseline Surveys and work on Team Planning Tools. They had a great time bonding with each other, finding similarities between Nepalese and British culture, competing in the Raleigh Olympics and Raleigh Quiz. Without further delay, lets find out  who were allocated to the Four Teams.


November Charlie 5, Golping

Bottom of the Pyramid: Ella, Natasha, Matt, Mason and Avishek
In the Middle:Team Leader Pallavi, Hannah, Abigail, Alisha, Tulshi and Team Leader Fatima
At the Top: Aishwarya



November Charlie 6, Ikchung

Over The Hedge: Swosthi, Chandra, Tilly, Amy L, Lilajan, Team Leaders Melina & Amy C, Charlie, Joe, Joe B Sanisha and Oliver



#November Charlie 7, Tipling

From Left: Manish, Lilajan, Prava, Sam, Ben, Rosa, Joseph, Loic, Will, Jasmine, Team Leaders Will and Kamaljeet



November Charlie 8, Adamar

Back Row: Simran, Savvas, Max, Adam, Reuben and Yuvraaz Front Row: Anjila, Rashmi, Team Leader Rhiannon, Jasmine, Rebecca and Team Leader Ajina


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