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Gorkha Teams Deploy

12th February 2018

After the Makwanpur teams reached their placements, Gorkha UKVs flied in to Kathmandu. The next day, was the recovery day when they explored the streets of Patan with their training teams and enjoyed a day out. The Nepali volunteers gathered in the country office on third day and were welcomed in the training center by their counterparts. An entire day of trainings and sessions followed. Still energetic, the volunteers enjoyed the evening with dances and songs. The team allocation was done on 10th February and the training venue was filled with excitement of finding their team leaders and taking group pictures. As they deployed to Gorkha today, we expect a successful project from all the teams and hope that they make a family out of their community.

NC5: Archale

Team Leaders: Maasum, Rianne, Rosie
Team: Amita, Rina, Raj, Louie, Nathan, Luke, Turlough, John, Bidya, Jessica, Sudhakar




NC6: Chalani Chowk

Team Leaders: James and Rabin
Team: Jesse, Eleanor, Alfie, Samuel, Courtney, Sophie, Emily M., Abina, Bibhuti, Anusha, Khagendra, Usha

NC6 Team


NC7: Sau Gaun

Team Leaders: Gaurav and Kate
Team: Anna, Rania, Evelyn, Thatchai, Storm, Jamie, Sorcha, Ritesh, Sagar, Sonam, Januka



NC8: Devkota-Tiwari Gaon

Team Leaders: Jesse and Sesingen
Team: Rekha, Kiran, Nicola, Priyanka, Emily L, Sanjay, Sonja, Olivia, Catherine, Isabelle, Dan, Miles


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