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November Charlie 9

17th July 2017

November Charlie 9 consists of nine volunteers: Tim, Harriet, Hussien, Pratikshya, Imogen, Hester, Jack, Sajan and Ayush and two team leaders Baibhav and Hattie. We arrived in Adamar on 27th June 2017 at around 1500 hours. We had to walk about 25 minutes to get to our homes. The view from our host homes seems to get more and more beautiful as we go up the hill.

We started setting up, by first introducing ourselves to the local people, by going to the lower and mid-section of the community. The people seem to be very welcoming and are very enthusiastic that we are here for their village. We also made our first weekly plan the very next day, and our shower: which was built with only tarpaulin, steel wire, duct tape and bamboo, the tap was a given.

Meeting with the local youth group


We held our first meeting with the youth group, led by Sujita Magar, Regina Thapa, and Phulmaya Thapa. We divided our team into three different groups to teach the children of the youth group how to brush their teeth and when and how to wash their hands. Our presentation was done mostly by playing games and fun activities to keep them from being swayed. We played some of their games as well. Overall, the youth group seems to be benefited by our involvement and is very enthusiastic to work with us.

Vying for the first place!

We also held a brief introductory meeting with the Water User Committee; where we also asked about the details of the reservoir tank, the role of the people of the community for its construction. Towards the end of our first week, we decided on our first weekly leaders; Harriet and Pratikshya.

Ayush presenting the seven steps of Handwashing

Our first week here was a bit of a warm up before all the intense weeks ahead of us; picking up from the work of the previous cycle and moving ahead with our own goals. All in all, this was November Charlie 9’s first week in Adamar.

Practicing Hand washing techniques


Written by Volunteer Ayush

November Charlie 9

Adamar, Makwanpur


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