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8th December 2016

Simaltar is a small community on the flat grounds of Makwanpur, surrounded by hills and river. With the placement of November Charlie 1 in the village, we got to know how beautiful this village and the people here are. However, at the same time, we also got to know how hot this place is, and how much water it needs for day to day use.

The villagers here have been suffering from the problem of proper supply of clean water for quite a while now. The only source of water they have, is a communal tap that runs for one and a half hour, twice a day. The villagers have to store and use the water carefully which is used for drinking, cooking and washing. On analysis, we found that the reason for such shortage of water was the pipeline from the reservoir tank to the supply tank, which was too small to allow adequate flow of water.

To address this problem, our group now has been helping the community dig a new pipeline and install bigger pipes. This will help solve the problem of the water taking too long to fill in the supply tank. The task of digging started fairly easily as we dug in flat grounds to begin with, however it proved to be a Herculean task as we had to dig through rocks and tree roots. Even though the task was tiring and painful, as our group members started getting blisters on their hands from using the digging tools, it turned out to be one of our most enjoyable time in the village. With 2000 metres of pipeline dug and ready, we will now soon be installing bigger pipes.


This task has let us grow close with the people in our community more than any other events we have organized before. As our cycle is coming to an end now, we hope to get all the pending works done before we leave this beautiful community of Simaltar.

Picture amidst work: UK volunteer, Granit, poses for the camera alongside a local woman from Simaltar.

Written by UK Team Leader, Katie (November Charlie 1)

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