The 17C photo competition results

21st April 2017

17C Photographer, Saoirse, ran a photography competition during the three phases of Expedition. The results are in!

Nepal is definitely the most photogenic country I have ever been to and so I was really excited to see the photos the volunteers would take. It was really hard to choose winners, but all of these photos really represent both Raleigh Expeditions and Nepal.


Person trekking up a hill with a temple in the distance
Runner up: Harry B
Harry took this photo during the trek phase of the expedition. I like that you feel like you are just behind the trekker, following them up to reach the summit.

VM, Medic, Corrie, leading the team saying 'namaste' to some you schooldchildren
Winner: Harry R
This photo was a clear winner for me because it encapsulates so much of what the trek experience was. Every village we went into we were greeted with ‘namastes’, and even if we had been trekking for eight hours we were still happy to return it with a smile, just like Corrie is doing here.


VM, Tim, hleping a community member with the gardening

Runner up: Syaza
This is a really nicely composed shot of Volunteer Manager, Tim, helping out Dulgar with her gardening. Syaza has nicely captured her looking up with a smile on her face.

Holly helping children with their homework in the shelter Winner: Min
I chose this photo as the winner because its got that split moment feel to it, where the student in focus has just briefly looked back at the photographer. In the background, Holly is teaching the kids English, which nicely represents fond memories for everyone in Adhikari Gaun.


Holly during Holi

Runner up: Ursula
Ursula captured this photo of Holly during Holi, the expression on her face is one we all wore when we were bombarded by tika and colourful water!

Young local boy sitting on a football
Winner: Syaza
Syaza took this lovely shot of Prekash, 12, during NE2’s New Year’s Day Raleigh Olympics.


Sunrise landscape
Runner up: Ali
Even though there were plenty of sunset and sunrise entries, this one stood out because of its deep colours.

Tree and person landscape

Winner: Flo
Flo took this photograph during trek phase of a young boy next to a tree. It has a very dreamlike feel to it and its made all the more beautiful by misty mountains in the background.


Strong bonds are formed on Raleigh Expeditions and as a result, a lot of funny stuff happens. A whole gallery could be made of the entries to this genre!

Lenny watching a tent collapse on Jonny

Runner up: Holly
Waking up at 6am every day during trek can sometimes be a bit of a struggle, but tents still need to be dismantled, no matter how determined Jonny was to get a lie in.

Jop and Sam recreating a 'romantic' picnic scene
Winner: Harry B
Another photo from trek. Harry, Jop (left) and Sam (right) constructed this beautiful picnic scene, most likely after several long days of walking, so in terms of effort – its a clear winner for me.

Words: Saoirse

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