Lace up your walking boots! Volunteers set off on trek

10th March 2018

Over the next 19 days, our volunteers will be trekking in the Ruby Valley. Sleeping in tents along the way, volunteers will develop their leadership skills in some of Nepal’s most stunning landscapes. Our volunteers have been placed into the new teams for the duration of the trek and will support each other on this new adventure. Meet the new teams as they set off on trek.

Trek team 1

(Top row, left to right) Laura, Ujwal, Gautam, Sukuman, Joe, Yalina, India, Molly, Lola, Maddy, Jenni (Bottom row, left to right) Ralph, Ewan, Sietske, Cat

Trek team 2

(Top row, left to right) Rebecca, Rogier, Otto, Kimberly, Daniel, Pratima, Olivia, Saul, Oscar, Sujan (Bottom row, left to right) Thea, Anna, Florentine, Zoe, Rijan, Dominic

Trek team 3

(Top row, left to right) Hari Ram, Avash, Alexi, Alex, David, Jemima, George, Tom, Hannah, Jessie (Bottom row, left to right) Angelina, Sarah, Molly, Sally, Dammar, Hattie

Trek team 4

(Top row, left to right) Pacha, Emma, Maisie, Isabelle, Ines, Isabella, Simon, Sara, Sam, Hursley (Bottom row, left to right) Santosh, Prem, Sam, Wisse, Bikash

Raleigh Expedition volunteers will be trekking in Gorkha until Monday 26th March. Due to the remote nature of the trek, there won’t be any blog updates from the trek teams until they return, when the volunteers will be much fitter – and for some, likely hairier –  young leaders.

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