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Makwanpur Teams Deploy

7th February 2018

Today, Makwanpur team woke up before the dawn They were excited to be in their buses and embark on a journey that they will remember for the rest of their lives. For four days since their arrival, they were trained and facilitated in subjects regarding safety, health, hygiene and culture. Most importantly, they were introduced to the villages and projects. Both Nepali and UK volunteers have been intensively learning about their project goals, expectations and strengths.

The team allocations took place on 5th February where all the volunteers were allocated to their placements. It was one of the most exciting moments. The blindfolded volunteers waited in a big circle for the team leaders to put a uniquely patterned Tika on them. Here are some pictures of the teams after allocations:


Team NC1: Thansing
L to R: Daniel, Darci, Suzeena, Team Leader Ragab and Clara, Mia, Sophie, David, Robert
Sampanna, Nikesh, Aashish, Indira, Phillipa


NC2: Aapchor
L to R: Aayush, Yves, Charles, Timi, Mangma, Team leaders Elle and Niraj, Robert, Aakash, Julia, Shreesti and Elena


NC3: Banjhokhet- L to R: Danielle, Shreeya, Team Leader Aleysia, Bipana, Team Leaders Kushal and Nicola, Chloe, Ben, Benjamin
Puja, Charlotte, Sudeep, Upendra


NC4: Gopirang- L to R: Luke, Bishal, Niwash, Aaron, Frankie
Hannah, Team Leaders Chris and Shekhar,
Rojina, Neeti, Resham, Jack


The teams will be reaching the placements this evening. In upcoming twelve weeks, they will work on livelihood projects with the community members and local partners.

And, a new group of UK volunteers will be arriving in the training center today. They will be deployed to Gorkha for WASH projects on 12th February. Stay tuned for further updates!!

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