Stunning pictures captured by volunteers in Nepal

21st December 2016

The 16O expedition in Nepal has ended. This cycle venturers have taken photographs of their work which were judged by expedition photographer Daniel Buttifant. Here we reveal the winners...

This cycle’s young volunteers have been privileged enough to experience a truly diverse range of landscapes and people in the Gorkha region. From gorgeous mountain vistas and truly inspiring people to villages devastated by the earthquake, it is no surprise that the standard of photos in this expedition’s competition has been incredibly high.

The categories for the photo competition were ‘landscape’, ‘portrait’, ‘camaraderie’ and ‘life after the earthquake’.

Without further ado, here are the winners.


With the votes counted for the ‘landscape’ category it turned out that we a three way tie for first place!


This photo was taken by Moritz while on trekking through the foothills of Manaslu in Gourkha. What I really like about this photo isn’t just the beautiful colors but how the photo guides the eye from the foreground to the background and beyond into the distance.


This lovely landscape shot was taken by Lennart during his community phase a Chapthok. What stands out about this image for me is how the color tones really give you a sense of warmth, thus making the image come alive.


Nat took her GoPro with her everywhere and was able to snap this lovely moment of Ali while on trek. I really like this image purely because it is fun and captures the essence of trek, friends, great scenery, wildlife and mountains.



Mischam took this lovely photo while digging a toilet for a family in Adhikari Gaun. The colors in this image are gorgeous, the light pastel tones are consistent throughout and the misty background adds an element of mystery to photo.



This really fun and lively picture was taken by Eden of trek group 1 starting the day with an energizer. For me this photo just really captured the essence and camaraderie of trek. Everyone is getting stuck in, having fun and working as a team, an all round great photograph.

Life after the earthquake


This photograph was taken by Zoe while visiting Barpak on trek. Barpak was the epicenter of the earthquake in Nepal and suffered absolute devastation. Despite this the community are still in fantastic spirits and are all pulling together to rebuild their town and this is exactly what this picture captures, positivity in the face of destruction.

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