New challenges and adventure awaits: our latest Expedition projects and teams

16th February 2019

Alpha 1 – WASH Team in Beni Gaun

(From top, left to right) Elish, Xiaoyue, James, Joe, Renee, Jamie, Nicolas, Eve, Rojal, Tommie

In Beni Gaun our volunteers will be led by Elish, Nicoletta and Nicolas.

Beni Gaun is a remote mountain community – the nearest road is almost 10 km away. There are 78 households and the main source of income is traditional farming of cereal crops and labour work.

The team will be working in partnership with the community to deliver household taps, distribution lines, toilets and hand washing stations. The team have identified a water pressure problem with one of the schools in the community, so they will be distributing water to the school as a priority.

Alpha 2 – WASH Team in Tersey

(From top, left to right) Nirjan, Daniel, Duco, Jonathan, Arun, Molly, Emily, Sangya, Matilda, Cindy, Yasin

Our volunteers in Tersey will be led by Nirjan, Yasin and Cindy.

As a mountain community with 63 households, our volunteers in Tersey will be ensuring that there is a sustainable water supply that works for everyone.

The team will be working in partnership with the community to build a sedimentation tank and a number of new handwashing stations, public tap stands and toilets, which will promote improved sanitation and hygiene.

Some areas of the community are not getting sufficient water pressure, so the team will be working to distribute water evenly between households. They will be spending half a day every Friday at the local school, delivering English lessons and raising awareness of the importance of handwashing and personal hygiene.

Alpha 3 – WASH Team in Tori Suwara

(From top, left to right) Robert, Ollie, Sophie, Hamish, Satya, Charlotte, Darwin, Sunita, Lasma, Isabel

Our volunteers in Tori will led by Satya, Robert and Lasma.

Tori Suwara is a remote mountain village with challenging terrain – the nearest road is 7km away. The household water supply is currently from hoses, which are turned on for a set period each day.

The team will be working to construct household taps, distribution lines, toilets and hand washing stations to serve the 79 households in the village. The electrical pump scheme that brings water from the valley to the community is currently not working, so the team will be focusing on improving this as a priority.

Alpha 4 – WASH Team in Kot Gaun & Chap Gaun

(From top, left to right) Chris, Shreedhar, Ram Chandra, Seb, Luuk, Flora, Carolina, Madeline, Siddartha, Emily

Our volunteers in Chap Gaun & Kot Gaun will be led by Siddartha and Chris.

Chap/Kot Gaun is a rural community with 43 households, spread between two villages. The villages currently only have water from 6am until 10am, so the team will be working to build an additional reservoir to provide sufficient water for the community.

Our volunteers are also going to organise a number of awareness sessions, training on water sanitation and hygiene, as well as building household taps, distribution lines, toilets and hand washing stations.

Alpha 5 – Ruby Valley Trek Team – East to West

(From top, left to right) Cole, Hannah, Sarah, Tatiana, Jacob, Felix, Rajib, Gizem, Kate, Erin, Jelske, Bishal, Hugh

The East Trek team will be led by Bishal, Gizem and Sarah.

Their route will take them from Kimtang to Kharebazar, passing through Shertung, Tipling and Kapur Gaon. This challenging trek will require strong teamwork to overcome challenges of weather and terrain, developing the team’s self-confidence, self-reliance and leadership skills.

Each volunteer will be given the opportunity to plan, lead and manage aspects of the adventure, challenging themselves to step out of their comfort zone.

Alpha 6 – Ruby Valley Trek Team – West to East

(From top, left to right) Isaac, Dipendra, Molly, Ailey, Liselotte, Thijmen, Denish, Benjamin, Isobel, Ed, Peter, Sonya

The West trek team will be led by Denish, Peter and Sonya.

The West team will start at Khere Bazar, travelling through Pokhara and Lapa Gaon, finishing at Megan Dhanda. The route will see them climb over 2500m, passing through rural mountain villages and experiencing some of the most beautiful landscapes in Nepal.

The volunteers will be given the opportunity to lead during this challenging trek and develop into strong young leaders.


Our Expedition volunteers will be making a difference in these project teams for the next three weeks. Follow the progress of our programmes in Nepal on Facebook and Instagram. To find out how you can volunteer please click here

Images and post by Claire