New faces and new places

28th June 2013

Alpha 1 Phase 1

A clear theme emerged when we asked our venturers what excited them most about expedition life. “Making new friends”, “visiting new communities” and “taking on new challenges”. Luckily, throwing yourself into the unknown is what Raleigh is all about!

Today, after four days of learning, reflecting, trekking and bonding with their Delta groups, our venturers are set to experience the new once again. It’s Alpha allocation time!

As a quick re-cap, or for anybody who’s not familiar with the Raleigh set-up, this is how expeditions work – 

  • Expeditions are typically split into three 19-day phases, with two days of changeover in between
  • There are three main categories of projects (a trek, a community and sustainable development project and an environmental project), and you can read a little more about them in this post
  • Most venturers stay for the full ten weeks, and they rotate at each changeover, so they typically experience three different projects
  • Some venturers stay for seven weeks, so they experience two projects and leave after the second changeover
  • The project teams that venturers are allocated to are referred to as Alpha groups (they replace the Delta groups, which exist during induction only)
  • All Alpha groups are completely mixed at each re-allocation, so that all venturers get to know as many different people as possible

Over the past week, the project managers (PMs) have painted a picture for the venturers of what their Alpha aims to achieve, and what life will be like on project site. This morning, the venturers discovered which of the projects they’ll be working on during phase one, and who they’ll be sharing this experience with.

Without further ado, here are the newly-formed Alpha groups –

Alpha 1 will be made up of Bejal, Abi, James, Soren, Jacob, David, Najma, Will, Josie, Oliver, Paschal and Sabrina! This group will be trekking in the Southern Highlands with Alex, Bob, Christine and a local guide.

Alpha 1 Phase 1

- Alpha 1 -

Alpha 2 will also be trekking in the Southern Highlands, with Andy, Caroline and Wesley. The group for phase one will be Kazungu, Tiko, Ehbone, Laurent, Marvin, Jared, Sarah, Lettie, Hugo, Lucy, Ollie, Daisy and Andre!

Alpha 2 Phase 1

- Alpha 2 -

Alpha 3 will be made up of William C, Frank, Norma, Hamster, Euan, Poppy, Lauren, Louis, Skye, Niall, Rory, Dan, Halima and Beccy! They’ll be building chilli and beehive fences with Harriet, Lisa and Tom, in partnership with the Udzungwa Elephant Project.

Alpha 3 Phase 1

- Alpha 3 -

Alpha 4 will be rolling out fuel-efficient rocket stoves to rural village communities near Katavi National Park, with Hugh, Neha and Rob. The group will be made up of Sami, Meike, Grace, Swalehe, Ceysun, Libby, Will, Rebecca, David, Matt, Valarie and Niclette!

Alpha 4 Phase 1

- Alpha 4 -

Alpha 5 will be rolling out rocket stoves too, but in Kisampa, near Saadani National Park, with Amy and Adam. The group for phase one will be Charlotte, Innocent, Salma, Tom, Amber, Alfred, Becca, Charlene, Elliott, Matt, Thibaut, Venica and Zain!

Alpha 5 Phase 1

- Alpha 5 -

Tomorrow morning is the earliest start so far. All Alphas will be up at 4.30am (ouch!) and preparing to leave WAMO just after sunrise, at around 6.30. This is the start of a nineteen-day adventure. Regardless of the project they’ve been allocated, each group of venturers will visit remote areas of Tanzania and make a positive impact on the communities and wildlife they encounter. They’ll work together as a team, with the support of their PMs, to overcome challenges and reflect on their achievements and learnings throughout the phase. We’re really excited to hear how they get on!

Note, Erin and I will be visiting the venturers at their project sites, gathering photos and learning more about the impact of their work. We’ll post blog updates, photos and comments as frequently as we can access the internet (every week at a minimum), but please be patient with us.

First up: a visit to Kisampa with Alpha 5… we can’t wait!