New volunteer team to continue Raleigh’s work in Tanzania

30th June 2018

What do we do?

Raleigh Tanzania’s work focuses on the four following programmatic areas: Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH), Natural Resource Management, Youth Livelihoods and Youth & Civil Society. These coming few months will see groups of young volunteers from Tanzania and overseas working with communities to each complete the final phase of village-based WASH projects in Dodoma and Morogoro Regions.

The New Team

The new fieldbase team will be helping continue Raleigh’s work in Tanzania. They are busy settling into their individual roles and ensuring that all the preparations have been made ready for the arrival of the Expedition Volunteer Managers and Volunteers. This intensive training period is designed to equip the whole team with the skills and knowledge they need to be able to support Raleigh’s programmes and deliver them in a safe and sustainable way. A number of the fieldbase team are Raleigh Tanzania alumni who have previously volunteered in other roles, and having been so inspired and motivated by their experience, they have decided to return to volunteer with Raleigh again.

Deputy Operations Manager Jovina leading a training session for new Volunteer Managers
Jovina, Deputy Operations Manager

“You always feel supported with Raleigh, the challenges are so important for personal development but for me, I never felt too concerned when a big problem came along because I knew I had the support there when I needed it. During training they do a very good job of making you feel confident that you know what you’re doing.”
Mica Lam, Logistics Coordinator (Previously a Team Leader on Raleigh ICS WASH Programme)

Project Preparation

Upon arrival, Volunteer Managers also undergo training at fieldbase. In pairs, they will go on to lead groups of young volunteers in the completion of WASH projects across the districts of Kongwa and Kilombero. The training provided will enable Volunteer Managers to understand how to engage community members and how to guide our young volunteers to do the same. This community engagement is vital for the long-term success of our projects.

Deputy Operations Managers, Emmy and Tess deliver training session to Volunteer Managers
Emmy and Tessa, Deputy Operations Managers

The next blog will tell you about the WASH projects that Raleigh Volunteers will be helping to deliver over the next three months, as well as some details about the villages and districts in which they will be based.

With this in mind, Raleigh Tanzania welcomes our new team to Morogoro and looks forward to continuing our journey. Karibu sana!


Words by Louise McGowan, edited by Vanessa Targett and Sean O’Brien

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