New Year, New You – A time for reflection

27th April 2016


“I’ve learnt a lot about myself and the areas I can develop in as well as my strengths. The experience has restored my faith in strangers and people in general. Good things happen if you think positive.”

“Being a team leader to this group has truly been an amazing experience so far. It has been a real privilege to aid in the personal development in these young adults and watch their efforts make a real positive impact to the beautiful community in which we live. “


“Never give up your right to be wrong.”

“Life here may be simple but that doesn’t make the people any less happy.”

“I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad, but you don’t really miss home because the host home is like family.”

“I have learnt from my stay here that you don’t need a lot to be kind. It is often those with the least that give the most.”


“Not being a social person, this journey taught me to get along with the community as well as my group. This journey gave me confidence for decision making and work in my own ideal. Having company of volunteers from different backgrounds and experiences is amazing and will be a great memory for me.”

“Since spending time here in Nepal, I have learned to value the people and love I have in my life, rather than material objects. I want my priority to be to appreciate and value them above all else.”

“My ICS experience in Nepal has been eye opening, challenging and unforgettable. I have discovered a passion for international development and this placement has inspired me to return as a team leader.”

“I have experienced many things from seeing destroyed houses still filled with possessions which makes you realise it’s a home, to being embraced into families even though you’re from a different background. It has really opened myself up to the world and put life into perspective”


“I have realised that I am more than my own opinion about myself in terms of both adapting to a new environment and being assertive about what I believe in.”

“Don’t live your life for other people, just remember there are other people in your life. People who can hold you up and push you, you just have to open yourself up and ask.”


“Hearing people’s stories about the earthquake, I’ve learnt to embrace life and the short time we’ve got on this planet as the Gods sometimes have a change of plan in a split second.

“I learned to work with people from a different part of the world with different cultures and learned that everyone has something in common and learned to embrace and love everyone, all of them the same.”

Youth In Civil Society Nepal