NewVIc Circle Line Fundraising Walk

26th November 2015

This year’s Circle Line Walk saw the largest number of participants since NewVIc began their annual challenge, and the staff are proud to announce that they managed to beat their previous record for completion time by 20 minutes.

This is the third annual Circle Line Walk undertaken by NewVIc for Raleigh International, for the purpose of fundraising to provide students with the opportunity to volunteer on an expedition next summer. Principal Eddie Playfair expressed that “many NewVIc students have already benefited from these transformational experiences overseas and 2016 promises to be the project’s most ambitious year ever”.


The journey began at Liverpool Street Station at 8:30am, where pupils were greeted by the first flakes of snow this winter. Snow quickly turned into rain, but the group pushed on in high spirits and soon found themselves walking in the winter sunshine. The band of youngsters passed some of London’s major attractions; the London Eye, Big Ben and The Tower of London to name a few.

The potential future venturers were quick to realise what to expect on expedition. The direct link to the trek phase was immediately recognised, and several students mentioned the skills development that would be essential when working with different people in a new environment. Just as on a Raleigh expedition, most of the participants, including the two leading the route hadn’t met before. Yet through great determination the group reached their shared goal.


Each person soon appreciated the importance of teamwork and confidence, especially if they are selected to join Raleigh overseas. One student, Travis, described how he was “making new friends as no one else here today is on the same course as me”. As daylight began to fade away, the group had a target time to arrive back at Liverpool Street and planned how quickly they would need to walk to the remaining stations.


Raleigh would like to congratulate everyone who took part – we look forward to welcoming some of you onto expedition next year where you can show us your trekking skills!

Raleigh International ensures that young people from all walks of life can access the opportunity to volunteer overseas, particularly those from low income households and disadvantaged young people. Find out more about our Youth Partnerships or contact for more information.


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