A creative spin on awareness raising activities by our ICS WASH team in Dada Gaon

30th October 2018

Volunteers in Dada Gaun utilised the festive period by organising an event shortly after Dashain celebrations to attract local youth. The event included games and drama performances centered around how better handwashing practices can prevent the spread of illnesses that affect young children; crucial for improving general health and hygiene in the community. The event both engaged local children and the wider community, helping to tackle key issues and raise awareness. A member of the volunteer team said: “For our first WASH event as a team, we were thrilled by the incredible participation and feedback from the community about better handwashing. This has encouraged us to shape our next event on women’s health”.
Volunteers showing seven steps of handwashing
After a successful handwashing session, the volunteers got to work on their next awareness session, which involved working closely with women in the community. A volunteer said: “After a day of planning, we organised another awareness raising event for women, which had an outstanding turnout of over 60 people. Throughout the event, we spoke about issues such as menstruation, personal hygiene and women’s empowerment, as well as conducted activities to help encourage discussion around women’s issues in rural Nepal. During this event, we were amazed by the involvement of the community women. The day was a success and it gave the team the chance to broaden our personal skills and to show our individual strengths.”  
Volunteers demonstrating seven steps of handwashing with Aama (Mother)
Through both awareness raising days, the team have strengthened their bond with the community, as well as worked on creative approaches for educating youths and women on key topics. By Abigail and Mollie Dada Gaon, Gorkha    

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