One game a day

19th October 2016

During our first week, we held ‘One Game a Day’ for the local children who, during Dashain, have a lot of free time and need entertaining. Our first game involved getting all the kids to draw around their hands on a poster, print their names and draw patterns around the hand. This was inspired by mehendi (henna) which is very popular during festive celebrations. It was a great day, engaging all the children of all ages and showing the togetherness of the community. The poster is now on the wall of the community centre, which is very welcoming for anyone who enters.


The Dashain festival brought the whole community together, and the atmosphere was wonderful and energetic. We were invited by several members of the community for tika, food and chiya (tea), which was a very interesting and fun experience. During the festival, we also held a day where we invited all the children of the community for a fun afternoon of playing games and dancing. The event turned into a little mini party, which all the children really enjoyed.


The first week in Simaltar has been very enjoyable and exciting. ‘One Game a Day’ has given us the opportunity to integrate with all the children of the community and build positive relationships during this wonderful festive season. We look forward to working together with the community in our coming days.


-written by UK volunteers Ledi and Charlotte, and in-country volunteer Hima (November Charlie 1)

Youth In Civil Society Nepal